Whether you are just planning your dream business and all that’s needed at this stage is an eye-catching logo; or you are all set and ready to dive into the entrepreneurship; or your business is doing well and just needs a fresh look…
No matter what you’re looking for in logo design services, we have a package that’s right for you.

Simply logo
A great logo for less
Basic file formats
Custom design
Style guide
No illustrative logos
7 days delivery of prelims
Three revisions
Buisness starter
Emerging busness
Professional file formats
Simply logo +
Basic social media kit
Business card
5 days delivery of prelims
Six revisions
Brand starter
Startups & small biz
Professional file formats
Business starter +
Full social media kit
Color schemes
5 days delivery of prelims
Ten revisions
Complete brand identity
Market ready in a month
Professional file formats
Brand starter +
PowerPoint template
Landing page
7 days delivery of prelims
Unlimited revisions

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Small and large businesses at some point developing a printed marketing piece.
Whether that’s a business card, a “Thank You” note, a brochure, or a catalog, a business wants its customers and prospects to feel good when they are holding it in their hand. And to be is so pretty that a prospect would want to hang on to it because they simply can’t bring themselves to throw it away.

Well, that’s the kind of impact our designers are aiming at when they design a printed piece for a client!

Elegant business cards, catchy brochures and flyers, attractive packaging, promotional materials…

Whether your need is, you are at the right place!


Let us know what kind of designs for print you are looking for and we will send you a quote!
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Brand identity is how a brand differentiates itself from others. Even though the brand name, logo, and tagline are an important part of it, a brand’s identity isn’t limited to them. It includes all the visual elements which give rise to the brand experience.


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Check out what we can do using vector graphics. Whether you want to literally put your face on the logo, or turn an object into an image, or maybe you are professionally working with the leather or do embroidery we are here to help you!

(read more about vector and its common applications here)

And what about that old logo you had for so long and love so much?


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