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Why getting more design concepts is not a good thing

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Almost every logo and web design service points out that they can offer their client multiple logo concepts to pick from before they start working on perfecting the one the client liked. It sounds like a great add-on to the service. However, it is not always a case. A single design concept had proven to be a better approach. It doesn’t mean that you as a client won’t be involved in the design process or will get stuck with a logo or website that you don’t like. In fact, it sets the process flow up to a better outcome and higher satisfaction. Here is why.

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A good real estate bio writing tips

Your bio is clearly a piece of marketing and is an integrated part of your self-branding.

Like all of your marketing materials, your real estate bio needs to highlight the three things every client wants from an agent:

  • Someone they can trust.
  • Someone competent enough to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Someone they’ll enjoy spending time with.


We broke Melody’s bio into two parts (personal and professional) just to show that you may go creative with it on your personal website. However, the major points remain the same despite the format you choose.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can follow when crafting your own bio:

Keep It Short and Sweet

People read, on average, between 250-400 words a minute. No one is going to spend more than a minute reading a bio. Any longer and your reader will start to lose interest.

Don’t overdo it

You’re the expert when it comes to real estate, so show it off! Include your skills, expertise, education, experience, and awards. But don’t go overboard! Mention only the best achievements.

Provide a Personal Touch

Adding some insight into your personal life outside of work can be a great tool for connecting with potential clients. By including information about your family, pets, hobbies, and extracurricular activities, your clients will see you as a real person rather than just a Realtor.

Speak To Your Foundation

Everyone’s path is different, but there is something that drew you into the real estate business. Identify that. People want to know your journey and background as it helps give them context about you.

Be Truthful

Your stats are important, but they aren’t the only thing. As a realtor, you are there to guide your clients towards the best possible home for them. Why should they trust you? What makes you special and how will you address the concerns that buyers and sellers have?

Link yourself to the area

Of course, there is no deal too big or too small, or a neighborhood you won’t go to, to make a client happy, but if there is a type of property or a neighborhood that you do particularly favor, identify it. You know the area better than anyone else, so be sure to include information about where you’ve lived and how long you’ve been an agent there. Demonstrate your knowledge of the area!

If you are having difficulties writing a good bio, don’t worry. Media Fervor provides professional copywriting services. We are happy to help!


Real estate is a field that is defined by you as the agent. Personal branding is a key to your success.

Chances are, you are already featured on your broker/agency’s website. Have you wondered what are the odds of a prospect choosing you over another agent in your office using the very same corporate resources?

Your website is a direct reflection of you, your goals, and your services. No matter where you go, your name is your brand, and your clients will always be able to find you.

Along with the web development, we offer professional graphic design and copywriting services. Media Fervor is your one-stop self-branding solution.



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Why having a personal website is important

In an era of personal branding to be visible as a specialist has really become a matter of being visible to search engines. One of the most important functions of a personal website is to aim the spotlights on you as an expert.

Put simple: in order for the customers or employers to discover you, Google has to be able to find you first.

Having a personal website, which features your bio, contact information and portfolio is a great way for you to stand out from other candidates.

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Logo Design Trends for 2017

It is critical to remember that though logo design trends vary from year to year the basic aim of logo never changes. In the year 2017, the logo still is not just a drawing. Designing a logo is building of a mark that customers will recognize, resonate with and instantly understand its message.

Now let’s see what is hot in 2017.

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Ambigram logo: true art of logo design

An ambigram (also sometimes called an inversion or flipscript) in a logo art is a  typographical design that reads even when upside-down or flipped horizontally. The word that is turned into an ambigram is not always a palindrome, although it may be. Sometimes the word spelled out from the alternate direction may read a different one.

Designing an ambigram logo requires time, patience, effort, and, of course, a lot of skill. Every ambigram logo is a work of art.

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Ace your SMO in a few easy steps

Social media optimization (SMO) helps connect all of company’s social media accounts into a strongly-linked, consistently branded social network intended to attract unique visitors to website content.

Both, the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SMO share a common benefit, which is attracting visitors to a website through an elevated search rank. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two. First is based on keywords and latter is on a content. When professionally integrated they become a powerful marketing tool. So, let’s see how a brand can improve its SMO.

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