Why getting more design concepts is not a good thing

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Almost every logo and web design service points out that they can offer their client multiple logo concepts to pick from before they start working on perfecting the one the client liked. It sounds like a great add-on to the service. However, it is not always a case. A single design concept had proven to be a better approach. It doesn’t mean that you as a client won’t be involved in the design process or will get stuck with a logo or website that you don’t like. In fact, it sets the process flow up to a better outcome and higher satisfaction. Here is why.

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Logo Design Trends for 2017

It is critical to remember that though logo design trends vary from year to year the basic aim of logo never changes. In the year 2017, the logo still is not just a drawing. Designing a logo is building of a mark that customers will recognize, resonate with and instantly understand its message.

Now let’s see what is hot in 2017.

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Ambigram logo: true art of logo design

An ambigram (also sometimes called an inversion or flipscript) in a logo art is a  typographical design that reads even when upside-down or flipped horizontally. The word that is turned into an ambigram is not always a palindrome, although it may be. Sometimes the word spelled out from the alternate direction may read a different one.

Designing an ambigram logo requires time, patience, effort, and, of course, a lot of skill. Every ambigram logo is a work of art.

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What is Brand Identity

Compelling brand identity is a key to the any business’ success. Branding is a vast topic and sure can’t be covered in a single — or even a dozen, for that matter — post. Here, we will try to cover major aspects and give you a basic understanding of what brand identity is and how it is developed on the early stages.

Put simply, a brand is an organization, service or product with a personality.

Brand identity, logo design, branding, what is brand identity

Brand identity is a core but still just a part of a brand. Let’s pinpoint it:

The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.

The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.

The identifier of a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

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Vector. Do you need it?

Vector images are made of hundreds of thousands of tiny lines and curves (or paths) and  allow for more flexibility. There are two types of digital graphics files – vector and raster. Raster images are composed of pixels. Constructed using mathematical formulas rather than individual colored blocks, vector files are excellent for creating graphics that frequently require resizing.  But how do you know if vector is best for you?

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Flat logo design: What you need to know

lofo design, flat logo design, custom logo, rebrandingFlat logo design has been around for quite a while. However, only now it turned into a real trend. We predict that it will continue to dominate. Patterns, textures, shadows, gradients are giving way to simpler lines and colors.  Although, flat logos sure look more clean and straightforward compared to their 3D buddies, the major reason why they became a hot trend is rather practical.

Especially thanks to scalable vector graphics or SVG  flat logos lodge well and load much faster in any browsing device and are extremely mobile-friendly.

Of course, every client has a different set of tastes, and every project requires a different style. Our designers always consider the way businesses uses logos in the digital era as they approach the design process.
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Instagram changed its icon.

Instagram first debuted its faux leather-clad camera icon four years ago and today it changed drastically.

Instagram new logo, logo redesign, Media FervorInstagram rolled out its new logo! The company’s been working on this new design for almost a year. The polaroid-esque square we all know is replaced with a colorful logo that embraces the flat design trend. New color gradient and glyph-styling expanded to the entire suite of apps.

The rainbow-themed icons are supposed to represent Instagram’s diverse community, which it says brings all sorts of life and color to the platform.

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The Impact of Color in Brand Design

When thinking about the color in brand design, we take into consideration what messages colors convey and what emotions they evoke, in order to get the correct reaction from the targeted audience. Color impact theory is a central and, alas, often overlooked area of design.

Color choice is particularly important when it comes to a color in brand design or branding. Not only on an emotional level, in terms of what emotions it evokes in consumers but also on a practical level, in terms of market standout.

If a company effectively “owns” a color in its sector it gets an enormous competitive advantage through achieving instant recognition. That’s the power of color chosen mindfully.

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Ji Lee. Word as Image.

Ji Lee is one of the highly admired by the Media Fervor graphic creative team designers. Our logo artists love replicating his style, even just for a sake of trying.

Ji Lee, design, logo design

Ji Lee is a Communication Designer at Facebook, and former designer and creative director at the Google Creative Lab, who is known for his illustrations and public-art projects.

In 2002 he started the ad-spoofing Bubble Project, in which Lee placed blank speech bubbles on ads around NYC. The project went viral, gaining Lee recognition and ultimately forwarding his professional career.

Lee was also one the founders of the project Mysterabbit where a small white coloured rabbit was placed anonymously over 19 countries around the world.  The rabbit is 3D Printable.

logo design, ji lee, creative, art

Calligram is a word or piece of text in which the design and layout of the letters create a visual image related to the meaning of the words.

Ji Lee started creating calligrams 20 years ago in his typography class at art school. What started as an assignment turned into a lifelong hobby and Lee’s passion for typography has led him to create over a 100 calligrams so far.

The challenge is to visualize the meaning of a word, using only the graphic elements of the letters. It’s not easy, Lee admits, but the reward of ‘cracking’ a word keeps him going.


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