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Why having a personal website is important

In an era of personal branding to be visible as a specialist has really become a matter of being visible to search engines. One of the most important functions of a personal website is to aim the spotlights on you as an expert.

Put simple: in order for the customers or employers to discover you, Google has to be able to find you first.

Having a personal website, which features your bio, contact information and portfolio is a great way for you to stand out from other candidates.

3 signs you should consider getting a personal website:

1. You want to be super accessible.

A personal website allows you to highlight all channels you can be contacted through, whether it is a phone, e-mail, LinkedIn or Twitter. Moreover, including on your website keywords such as your university, city, and industry, will increase your chances of appearing higher in a search. It gets much easier for potential recruiters, hiring managers and clients to “bump” at you and contact you.

2. You want more control over your professional image.

Your personal website is totally under your control. You get to tell the world who you are (or who you want to become) in your own words and share in full your most impressive achievements and talents. Your resume forces you to compress your entire work experience into just a few bullet points, but you have more freedom on a personal website.

3. You need a single place to showcase your work.

Instead of loading up a potential employer or client with a list of links to the isolated sources you can nicely present your past and present works and achievements in just one place. Whether you are in a creative industry and have a ton of visual works to show, or in a real estate and have only a few but hot listings — having all in one place is always a great idea.

Things to include on your personal branding website:

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About Me page

This page is the place to tell your story: how you became interested in your field, how you have evolved and what level of experience you have. Make sure it has three major components: a bio, a professional photo, contact information.
 *** Obviously you will have contact info set at the top or bottom of every page but have it listed again. Make it easy for someone to reach you.

Portfolio/Services/Product page

Include information on what services and products you offer. Showcase your portfolio

*** Sometimes it makes more sense to separate “Portfolio” and “Product/Services” and make them two separate pages.

Testimonials/As seen in

Depending on a number of testimonials you may have an entire page dedicated to those or just add “Testimonials” as a section on your “Home” page. Same applies to the “As seen in” part.

Links to the social accounts

You may decide whether you wish to include all your social accounts or just some, as well as if you want to let people to join/follow you or only share your content.


Adding a blog is actually very optional and depends solely on your industry and line of work. However, if you consider having a blog, please, remember that you must update it at least once a week.

How to get started

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The first step is purchasing your domain name. The best name for your site would be: FullName.com. (Don’t use .net, .us, .info, etc.)

Nowadays you can make an impressive site with zero coding skills. Many platforms provide templates that are very good looking and user-friendly. You pretty much just fill in the blanks.

On the other hand, if you want to create an advanced, customized site, or simply are too busy then it might be time to hire web developers and designers.

If you feel that you need a personal website. Do it now! Otherwise, someone might snap up your ideal URL.



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