What is Brand Identity

Compelling brand identity is a key to the any business’ success. Branding is a vast topic and sure can’t be covered in a single — or even a dozen, for that matter — post. Here, we will try to cover major aspects and give you a basic understanding of what brand identity is and how it is developed on the early stages.

Put simply, a brand is an organization, service or product with a personality.

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Brand identity is a core but still just a part of a brand. Let’s pinpoint it:

The perceived emotional corporate image as a whole.

The visual aspects that form part of the overall brand.

The identifier of a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon.

A company’s brand identity is a fusion of visual components of a brand (logo, name, tagline, colors, design, and typeface) that are designed to identify and distinguish the brand in the consumers’ mind.

The business creates the elements to convey how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. Brand identity is not brand image, which is how consumers actually perceive the brand, or the impression in the consumers’ mind.

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The challenge any company faces when developing a brand is to avoid mismatch between the intent and perception, and that its identity and image are as close as possible. A negative gap between brand identity and brand image means that a company is out of touch with market sentiment.

Brand identity development process

Brand identity creation is a complex process. It includes work on a company’s name, logo and site design, along with a business’ style, and the tone of its copy. A brand identity developer should consider the look and composition of a company’s product. And, of course, business’ social media presence. As a result, every aspect has to support the overall message and be in compliance with the business goals.

It is common for the companies to hire creative services such as Media Fervor to handle their branding.

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Every brand begins with a logo.

Professionally designed distinctive logo sets the starting point for the brand identity. Also, as a business grows, if the logo is unique and properly represents an identity of the company, it may be further used without the name of the business.

Generally, businesses have a typographic part to their mark. It more clearly spells out the name of the organization.

A logo can also be purely typographic. Sometimes the graphic and typographic marks are very independent. With other logo designs, there is no clear separation of logo symbol from typography.

Once logo design is over, it is time for the brand identity strategy development and application.

Each professional approaches brand identity development process differently. However, there are three crucial steps all specialists necessarily include to build a strong, cohering and consistent brand identity.

Analyze the business and its market.

Taking a close look at the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is a proven way to understand where the company is.

Determine the key business goals.

The brand identity should be consistent with those goals and help fulfill them.

Identify the target audience.

Whom is the company trying to reach out to with its product or service? What kind of message the company wants to communicate to them, and how it wants to be perceived?

Based on the findings a marketing specialist coordinates graphic and web design teams in an effort to develop an appropriate and appealing brand identity.
Developing a quality brand identity is crucial. If taken seriously at the early stages of a business establishment it will not only help the growth but also would pay off many times over.
If you have a killer business idea and need a kickass brand identity contact us and let us contribute to your success.

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